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Committee Members

Cairngorm Runners jogscotland club is run by a volunteer committee. Between them and the Jog Leaders they have a wealth of experience in running and fitness instruction. Committee Members are as follows:

Chairperson - Alan Riach

Alan is responsible for the managerial direction of the Club, its development, strategic vision, chairmanship (AGM and regular committee meetings) and club leadership. She represents the club externally (weekly with jogscotland) and is the Club ambassador.


Vice-Chairperson & Social Convener - Polly Middleton

Polly is responsible for assisting the Chair and deputising for their during any absence. The Vice-chair assists the Chair with meetings and decision making.  Polly directly supervises the Treasurer and is her counter-signatory. She is also responsible for ensuring the Club accounts are audited annually before the AGM in accordance with current regulations.



Club Secretary - Heather McLellan

Heather is currently the focal point for all internal Club communication particularly between the committee and the Club members.  She is responsible for supporting and administering the Club.  She facilitates and minutes all committee meetings and ensures the meetings occur in accordance with the Club Constitution.  She is the Club liaison between both jogscotland and scottishathletics.


Treasurer - Martina Kovarickova

Martina is responsible for keeping an overview of the finances of the Club and reports directly to the Vice Chair.  She makes sure the Club has the right financial policies and procedures in place.  Martina is responsible for financial planning and budgeting and financial reporting, banking, book and record keeping and control of the fixed assets and stock.

Webmaster - Andy Norrie

Andy is responsible for the upkeep of the website in all respects. He has sole administration rights for the website but should delegate specific pages to designated Committee members to update on at least a weekly basis.  Andy is responsible for ensuring the website is registered and paid for and that it conforms to all current relevant legislation.

Membership Secretary - Karen Henderson

Karen is responsible for collating Club membership and PAR-Q forms. She liaises closely with the Club Secretary and Treasurer and reports directly to the Chair.


Merchandising Coordinator - Robin McConnell

Robin is responsible for procurement, purchase, design and printing all Club merchandise.  He reports on all aspects of clothing directly to the Committee and is overseen by the Vice-Chair for managerial and financial purposes.

Jog Leader Coordinator - Chris Ellison

Chris is responsible for coordinating Jog Leaders on Monday and Wednesday sessions to ensure adequate cover is provided each week for all groups especially over the summer holiday period. He is responsible for ensuring weekly registers and dynamic risk assessments are completed correctly for insurance purposes and are handed to the Club Secretary on a monthly basis for data capture and archiving.





Jog Leaders have attended official jogscotland training courses providing them with the knowledge and skill to lead groups, offering support and encouragement to all group members. By running with our Club both you and the Jog Leaders are fully insured through Scottish athletics.