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Monday Runs

Monday runs will start again on the 28th March 2016! 

All Monday runs meet at Coylumbridge Car-Park at 6:30pm

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Monday runs follow 10 week blocks, with the run length and pace increasing slowly.  At the end of the block, you will then be ready to move up to the text level!



Beginners follow the 10 week Jog Scotland training plan.  There are normally at least 2 different beginners groups.  We often have total beginners who have never gone out jogging before so don't be put off!



Intermediate runners also follow the 10 week plan.  Again, there are normally at least 2 different groups, so you can follow the one that best suits you.



Advanced runners do not follow a Jog Scotland program.  Instead, the runs are chosen by the Jog Leaders to best fit the needs of the group.  Advanced groups normally run for about 50-70 minutes depending on the route we take.