Applecross Duathlon

Race Report by Ann Mackintosh

Applecross Duathlon - 14th September 2013

Personally, I blame Heather for mentioning it in the first place, but then I stupidly told “him indoors” about this duathlon which comprised a 9 mile cross country run from Applecross to Kenmore over the old coffin trail and then a 15 mile road bike round the peninsula coast road back to Applecross. No sooner said than he had entered us and booked a wooden hut for us to sleep in at the campsite in Applecross.

Biking? Not really my thing, hilly runs hmmmm not sure about that either, so I was very apprehensive when we started. Heather became Jimmy at the last minute (due to her poor health!), and he set off with the challenge group an hour before the rest of us. Sandy Grigor, Iain and I lined up at the start and they soon lost me on the way over the coffin route which was “a bugger of a hill” (his words not mine) and then a lovely run over the tops before a surprise on the road at the end which was much longer than the half mile announced by the marshal.

By the time I got to transition, the others were nowhere to be seen and there were only a dozen bikes left, but off I set and played ‘tig’ with the oldest competitor in the race for the undulating bike ride. Under three hours was my target (and I made it just!) but more to the point I really enjoyed the run and the cycle wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.

Dinner at the Walled Garden is definitely to be recommended, and the storm which chased Heather and Jimmy away early on Sunday morning didn’t seem so bad from where we were sleeping under a solid roof.

Would I do it again? Yes absolutely, although I might try to go out on my road bike more than once before doing it! One to be tried by everyone who fancies a weekend away in Applecross with a bit of exercise thrown in.  for more info.

Ann Mackintosh